Calcium Citrate Tetrahydrate Nutrition Grade (~19% Ca)


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Product: Calcium Citrate Tetrahydrate Nutrition Grade (~19% Ca)
Product Code: NIGEMIN000301
Application: Bone Health
CAS#: 5785-44-4
Molecular Formula: C12H18Ca3O18
Molecular Weight: -
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Calcium Citrate
Other Names: Calcium citrate tetrahydrate / calcium citrate / Tricalcium dicitrate tetrahydrate / Calcium 2-hydroxypropane-1/2/3-tricarboxylate tetrahydrate / tricalcium;2-hydroxypropane-1/2/3-tricarboxylate;tetrahydrate
Description: Calcium citrate is the citrate salt of calcium. Calcium is essential for not only bone health- preventing density loss and encouraging repair but also for the normal function of muscle- nerves and cardiac function.

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