Collagen Peptides 90% Bovine Type 1 Hydrolysed ?


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Product: Collagen Peptides 90% Bovine Type 1 Hydrolysed ?
Product Code: NIGEPRT000601
Application: Sports Nutrition
CAS#: 9007-34-5
Molecular Formula: N/A
Molecular Weight: 6,000 Da
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Gelatine
Other Names: Bovine collagen
Description: Hydrolysed Beef protein contains all essential amino acids- but also higher amounts of branch chained Fatty acids- it is as easily absorbed by the body and is also is a great alternative to milk /whey protein. The hydrolysation helps with the digestion- solubility and absorbption of the beef protein. It is very pure and contains no allergens- but is concentrated to contain more concentrated protein than a steak. Hydrolysed beef proteins are a good source of nitrogen and indispensable amino acids- which the body requires for tissue growth and maintenance therefore hydrolysed beef protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass- and also to the maintenance of normal bones.

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