Collagen Peptides 90% Fish Type I Hydrolysed (Allergen - Fish) ?


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Product: Collagen Peptides 90% Fish Type I Hydrolysed (Allergen - Fish) ?
Product Code: NIGEPRT000321
Application: Recovery Muscle Gain
CAS#: 90064-67-9
Molecular Formula: #N/A
Molecular Weight: #N/A
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Collagen Peptides 90% Fish Type I Hydrolysed
Other Names: Marine collagen / soluble fish collagen / hydrolysed fish collagen
Description: Type I fish collagen is one of the most bioavailable collagen proteins among the other types and also has the fastest absorption rate. It's small particle size means it can be broken down and absorbed quicker. Collagen has multiple health benefits such as improving joint structure and improving skin health.

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