Colostrum Bovine 30% IgG Spray Dried (Allergen - Milk) ?

Product: Colostrum Bovine 30% IgG Spray Dried (Allergen - Milk) ?
Product Code: NIGEPRT000401
Application: Immune Health
CAS#: (146897-68-9)
Molecular Formula: n/a
Molecular Weight: min lg30 standardised
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Colostrum Ig30
Other Names: Hyperimmune Bovine Colostrum / Immunoglobuline Bovine / Bovine Colostrum / Bovine Immunoglobulin / Bovine Lacteal Compounds / Calostro / Colostrum Bovin / Colostrum Bovin Hyperimmune / Cow milk colostrum
Description: Colostrum contains immunoglobulins and antibody titers specific to many human pathogens- and was consumed to boost the immune system prior to antibioic discovery. Colostrum Peptides work as signaling peptides made by activated macrophages and T cells. Many believe that benefits from taking cow colostrum as an every day immune system supporter is effective. Colostrum contains growth factors which support the anti-ageing process as well as supporting wound healing- cartilage and nerve regeneration. Research is studying claims such as these currently.

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