Dandelion Leaf Powder 80 Mesh (Taraxacum officinale)

Product: Dandelion Leaf Powder 80 Mesh (Taraxacum officinale)
Product Code: NIGEHER012701
Application: Weight Management
CAS#: 68990-74-9
Molecular Formula: -
Molecular Weight: -
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Dandelion leaf powder
Other Names: Blowball / Cankerwort / Cochet / Common Dandelion / Couronne de Moine / Dandelion Extract / Dandelion Herb / D?lice Printanier / Dent-de-Lion / Diente de Leon / Dudal / Endive Sauvage / Fausse Chicor?e / Florin d'Or / Florion d'Or / Ghasedak / Herba Taraxaci / Laitue de Chien / Leontodon taraxacum / Lion's Teeth / Lion's Tooth / Pisse au Lit / Pissenlit / Pissenlit Vulgaire / Priest's Crown / Pu Gong Ying / Red-Seed Dandelion / Salade de Taupe / Swine Snout / Taraxaci Herba / Taraxacum / Taraxacum dens-leonis / Taraxacum laevigatum / Taraxacum mongolicum / Taraxacum officinale / Taraxacum sinicum / Taraxacum vulgare / T?te de Moine / Wild Endive.
Description: In traditional Chinese and Native American medicine- Dandelion leaf has been used to treat many ailments including stomach pain. Dandelion is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as calcium- magnesium- iron and potassium. Dandelion is also full of antioxidants- protecting the body from free radical damage contributing to disease and ageing.

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