Green Tea Extract 40% Polyphenols (Camellia sinensis)

Product: Green Tea Extract 40% Polyphenols (Camellia sinensis)
Product Code: NIGEHER020921
Application: Weight Management
CAS#: 84650-60-2
Molecular Formula: #N/A
Molecular Weight: #N/A
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Green Tea Extract
Other Names: Benifuuki / Camellia sinensis / Constituant Polyph?nolique de Th? Vert / Epigallo Catechin Gallate / ?pigallo-Cat?chine Gallate / Epigallocatechin Gallate / Extrait de Camellia Sinensis / Extrait de Th? / Extrait de Th? Vert / Extrait de Thea Sinensis / Green Sencha Tea / Green Tea Extract / Green Tea Polyphenolic Fraction / GTP / GTPF / Poly E / Polyphenon E / PTV / T? Verde / Tea / Tea Extract / Tea Green / Th? / Th? de Camillia / Th? Japonais / Th? Vert / Th? Vert de Yame / Th? Vert Sensha / Thea bohea / Thea sinensis / Thea viridis / Yame Green Tea / Yabukita / Yame Tea.
Description: Green tea extract is a great source of antioxidants- credited with multiple health benefits such as promoting heart- brain- liver and skin health. Green tea extract is also suggested to have a benefit effect on weight loss. The polyphenol content of green tea extract is responsible for it's antioxidant effects- protecting the body against oxidative stress.

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