Gum Acacia (Gum Arabic) Soluble Fibre (Acacia senegal)

Product: Gum Acacia (Gum Arabic) Soluble Fibre (Acacia senegal)
Product Code: NIGEEMU000101
Application: Emulisifier / Stabiliser
CAS#: 9000-01-05
Molecular Formula: #N/A
Molecular Weight: #N/A
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Gum Acacia
Other Names: Gum arabic / acaci gum / arabic gum / acacia / Senegal gum / acacia Senegal / Indian gum / Acacia
Description: Gum acacia is a natural gum from the sap of the Acacia senegal tree. A complex mixture of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Used as an emulsifier- stabiliser and coating agent in food.

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