Maca Root Extract 5:1 (Lepidium meyenii)

Product: Maca Root Extract 5:1 (Lepidium meyenii)
Product Code: NIGEHER025901
Application: Energy
CAS#: 0519-02-08
Molecular Formula: #N/A
Molecular Weight: -
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Maca 4:1
Other Names: Maca Maca / Maka / Peruvian Ginseng / Peruvian Maca / Ginseng Andin / Ginseng P?ruvien / Lepidium peruvianum / Maca P?ruvien / Maino / Ayak Chichira / Ayuk Willku
Description: Maca Root is grown in the high mountains for thosands of years and has a fantastic butterscotch odour even though it is part of the radish family. Research is looking into its Estrogenic effect and its uses in anemia- enhancing energy output and reduction of tiredness of the muscles hence athletic performance- memory and fertility as hormone stabilisation in menopausal women. This product is standardised to contain 4kg of Maca into every kilo.

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