Pea Protein Isolate 80% (Pisum sativum) Vegan

Product: Pea Protein Isolate 80% (Pisum sativum) Vegan
Product Code: NIGEPRT001001
Application: Recovery Muscle Gain
CAS#: 90082-41-0
Molecular Formula: #N/A
Molecular Weight: #N/A
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Pea Protein Isolate 80%
Other Names: Pisum sativum / yellow pea protein / yellow split pea protein / split pea protein
Description: Neutral tasting vegan- plant based protein. Contains 4 major classes of protein including legumin- with some similar properties to casiein. Vegan alternative to whey protein- can aid in muscle growth and weight loss. A natural source of iron.

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