Tricreatine Malate Vegan

Product: Tricreatine Malate Vegan
Product Code: NIGEAMA001401
Application: Sports Nutrition
CAS#: 57-00-1
Molecular Formula: C16H33N9O11
Molecular Weight: -
Latin Name: -
Keywords: Tricreatine Malate
Other Names: Tricreatine malate / creatine(3) - malic acid / Malic acid/ tricreatine / Tri creatine / tri-creatine / Tri creatine malate / Tri-creatine malate
Description: Tricreatine malate is made of 3 creatine molecules and malic acid. In the body- creatine pulls water into muscel cells increasing protein synthesis and allowing the muscle to work harder and for longer. Tricreatine malate boosts the body's natural store of creatine. Creatine is not water soluble- however- attaching creatine to malic acid means water solubility inceases and it's better absorbed.

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