Vitamin B5 Calcium Pantothenate (Calpan)

Product: Vitamin B5 Calcium Pantothenate (Calpan)
Product Code: NIGEVIT001801
Application: Skin / Joint Health
CAS#: 599-54-2
Molecular Formula: C18H32CaN2O10
Molecular Weight: 476.50 g/mol
Latin Name: -
Keywords: B5
Other Names: Vitamin B5 / Vitamine B5 / Pantothenic acid / 3-[(2R)-2/4-Dihydroxy-3/3-dimethylbutanamido]propanoic acid / D-calcium pantothenate / Calpan / Calpanate / pantothenate calcium / Pantothenic acid/ calcium salt / Bis(pantothenato)calcium / N-(2/4-Dihydroxy-3/3-dimethylbutyryl)-beta-alanine calcium
Description: Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin essential for the synthesis and metabolisis of proteins- carbohydrates and fats. Suggested health benefits of Vitamin B5 incldues skin health- flexible joints and immune support.

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